The EggsAct Faecal Egg Count Kit

The EggsAct Faecal Egg Count Kit provides you with background information, professional quality equipment and detailed instructions, allowing you to quickly and easily do an unlimited number of faecal egg count (FEC) tests. Each FEC test involves the microscopic examination of fresh faeces for parasite eggs and will only take about 10 minutes.

FEC testing will enable you to develop a parasite control program (worming / drenching program) for your livestock, including horses, sheep, cattle, goats and alpacas etc. It will save you money on tbi-microscopehe purchase of anthelmintic drugs (wormers / drenches). A responsible parasite control program should also minimise the development of anthelmintic resistance in worms on your property.

Although a very simple test, the FEC test is the gold standard for obtaining information about the parasites that are on your property and infecting your animals. FEC tests enable you to determine the numbers of eggs of the most common disease-causing gastrointestinal worms in the faeces of your animals and thereby provide an indication of the extent of worm contamination of your animals and pasture/environment.

The kit also enables you to do unlimited faecal egg count reduction (FECR) tests to determine whether the wormers / drenches that you use are working on the worms that are infecting your horses or farm livestock.

When purchasing the EggsAct Kit, you have a choice of either a monocular microscope (1 eyepiece and you use 1 eye; XSP-104) or a binocular microscope (2 eyepieces and you use both eyes; SC-FM6D (SME-F6D)). The kit comes with all items shown in the image (including the McMaster slide in a foam-lined case), as well as full instructions, detailed background information and a laminated sheet of steps. The kits are identical except for the microscope.